The actual wedding celebration starts with signing the Registry of Marriage and continues till the end of the reception. Generally, wedding parties forget to hire a reputed photographer during ROM and only concentrate on the actual wedding day. However, we at Rainstar Photography in Singapore have expertise in both ROM and wedding actual day photographyso one should call us on both days. So let us know why hiring us during ROM is so vital.

Making immortal the official marriage 

ROM is when you actually become life partners. In other words, by signing the ROM, you are legally bound to stand by your partner’s side throughout life. You will definitely desire to look at those shy moments when the marriage register tells you are your partner to sign the documents signaling the lifelong commitment. If we are not with you, there will be none to capture those moments. The pictures we click will enable you to visualize the pleasant, cherished memories of how the lifelong commitment to each other began.

Wedding Actual Day Photography

Ideal location for ROM photography

ROM photography does not end inside the office of the marriage register. We can elongate it to other locations near the Singapore Registry of Marriage. You can be with us at Fort Canning Hill and Fort Canning Park, which are beautiful locations for your ROM photography. It is not that you need to be inside the registry office to sign the documents. You can be at Mount Faber to sign the papers as it is where the romance started. We will be ready with you to click and immortalize the romantic moments.

Some facts to remember

We think it is our responsibility to inform you that you must serve a three-month notice to register your marriage in Singapore. So, it is ideal to book your ROM date and, at the same time, book your slot with us so that we can also be accessible on that day. We offer various ROM photography packages so that you can select one according to your budget and taste. Our packages enable detailed shots, pre-ROM clicks, official ceremonies, and family photos.

The wedding actual day photography

Coming to the actual wedding day photography, we are the one in Singapore that you can depend on to have the best of clicks. Our pictures will immortalize the romantic moments when you say “I do” and exchange the rings. We also have the expertise to click the tears rolling down from the eyes of the bride’s mother or the smiling face of the groom’s mother to have such a bright and beautiful daughter-in-law. We feel each couple is unique and so are their stories. So, we leave no stone unturned to capture your amazing story.

Our photographers have the experience and knowledge to click the perfect pictures to immortalize your wedding day. Both the ROM and wedding actual day photography that we click will help you to travel back to those romantic days. If you are in touch with us, you can have the best photography at an affordable price.

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