Unparalleled Events  Photography Services in Singapore

RAINSTAR Photography believes that every event is unique and special; hence capturing them needs unique techniques. Our experienced and professional event photographers capture every event with utmost passion and creativity. We know how to capture the meaningful moments of every event and craft them into fascinating memories to reminisce.

When you choose our team for handling your special events, we strive to immortalize all the precious moments of your event perfectly and with precision. We have more than 10 years of experience in events photography services in Singapore. Whether you need our photography services for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, product launch or any other special event, we assure you that we can cater to your specific needs seamlessly.

Skillful Event Photographers

Our skilled photographers exert their best effort for capturing your events with the highest level of professionalism. When you choose our event photography services, you can be assured that your event photographs will be of high quality and hence you can use them as incredible marketing assets for your brand, company and sponsors. We also make sure that all your special moments are captured in such a way that every time you take a glance at them, you feel the same happy vibe while you had during the event.

Our professional photographers possess all significant experiences of capturing moments in different types of events ranging from corporate, personal, fashion, sports to commercial photography. We make use of high-end equipment to capture and produce photographs of the highest quality in every situation.

Our event photographers also have immense knowledge and experience in dealing with complicated software and hardware, which enables them to capture all the captivating moments flawlessly. We can capture a single image from different angles and dimensions, making it look a unique experience for you.

Unsurpassed Photography Experience

We have unsurpassed experience in working in different backdrops and scenarios; hence, you need not have compromise on the quality of the photographs. Whether your event is organized indoor or outdoor, we can capture it with utmost precision and create beautiful memories out of it. If you are any specific preference or idea, you can share it with our team, and we will try our best to live up to your expectations and beyond.

Being one of the leading events photography services in Singapore, we commit ourselves to capture and produce images of the best quality which you can reminisce throughout life. We combine high-end equipment with our experience to create eye-catching photographs for documentation and social media purposes.

Our professionalism, commitment and dedication make us a unique and unparalleled events photography service in Singapore.

Event Photography price package:

  • S$250 for (2 hours)
  • Additional per hour : $100
  • Unlimited Photography

Events Photography FAQs.

Q: How many photos will you take throughout the day?

There will be different numbers of photos depending on the type of Events, but our shooting is unlimited.

Q: Will you edit all my photos?

Yes, we do. So it takes time, about 4-—5 days. Of course, we also recommend our online retouching service to you, “instant photo” service, which allows you to see the retouched, beautiful photos at the event. Just Click “Instant Photo“ for details.

Q: What are the payments terms like?

Cash, Cheque, Pay Now …

For more details call us at +65 9191-6255 or email at info@rs.sg

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