Effective visuals like corporate headshots and photography are essential for communicating your brand’s image. So your company’s brand photography should be engaging, dynamic, and help you tell your story. As with most things, a little advanced preparation can make all the difference.


It’s most important that you are clear about what you are hoping to achieve with your corporate headshots. What do you wish to say about your company through the portraits? What image do you wish to project? The next step is to convey those thoughts to your photographer. The more you are able to distill down this essence of how you want to portray yourself or your company in advance of the shoot, the more you will get out of your corporate photography.

So you have got a photo session scheduled and are ready to have professional images taken. The only problem is…you are not sure if what you have picked is appropriate

What Not To Wear For a Professional Headshot?

Headshots are a professional representation of yourself. Wearing anything sloppy or unprofessional can kill the vibe of your entire photoshoot. Your clothes will reflect how you want your audience to perceive you as a person or professional. There are some clothing types that photographers generally advise against:

  • Baggy clothes
  • Neon colors
  • Clothes you generally do not wear
  • Colors that match the background
  • Small patterned clothes
  • Strapless dresses or spaghetti straps

Photographers advise you to avoid this in corporate photography as they just do not photograph well.

Leave the Baggy clothes in the closet

Baggy clothes make you look heavier than you really are. Your clothes do not have to be skin tight. They should fit you well and give you the right shape and structure.

No Small Patterns

You should be the focal point of your company’s headshot, not the crazy loud shirt that you are wearing. Choose solid colors or simple patterns instead. Stay away from shirts with logos or graphic tees as this will limit your cropping option.

Small patterns are very problematic to photograph. The small details in the pattern can wreak havoc with the camera’s sensor and produce a strange, wavy pattern in the image. Even solid fabrics with tight weave and sheen can cause it.

Avoid Colors That Match The Background

Check the background color with your photographer beforehand. Avoid colors that will blend into the background. For example, if the background is dark and you are wearing something darker, let’s say, a  navy blue or black shirt, you will blend into the background and may look wider than you really are. You also won’t pop in the image.

Avoid Neon Colors

Fluorescent or neon colors will reflect light back into your face. So stick with jewel tones or pastel hues and leave the neon at home. Headshots for corporate photography are all about using a picture to showcase to the world who you are as a person. The energy and emotion conveyed in the picture should reflect how you want the viewer to feel about you. So, choose the clothing that makes you look and feel your most confident and capable.

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