Event photography can be exciting. But capturing such a fantastic moment can pose some technical challenges. It will not be an easy thing to do for everyone! Things & moments move fast, and the best moments often don’t occur twice, or there will not be any re-take. Are you looking to add something new to your business? We think event photography can be a great way to promote your business & maximize your income. Once you work with our team, you will find how it can be effortless to repeat business. We are the leading and best event photographer in Singapore for decades. We capture several events like weddings, concerts, sporting events, corporate events, small family gatherings, product photography and much more with great dedication. Our event photography will take your images to the next level. Let’s discuss some vital event photography tips and strategies, no matter your event’s size and nature.

Event Photographs

Event Photography Gear

The photography equipment and gears you use will either make or break your event photography. There are plenty of events outside in the daytime, but the most common thing in event photography is that it takes place indoors and in low light. We know things well and bring the best low light cameras that have more sensitive sensors. Also, cameras with higher megapixel counts pick up the details better. For outdoor event photography, fast camera bodies will do wonders. The quality of the final output is influenced by the type of lens used. For every event photography, the portable artificial lighting you bring is essential. Flashes are easy to use, and we are very much experienced in using both flash & continuous lights. We don’t want to be stuck with a full or corrupted memory card and a dead battery. That is why we always pack extra photography accessories like the lens, charger, cords, lights, cameras ready for every event photography project.

Best Camera Settings

Taking the high-quality picture is not an easy job, and taking such pictures indoors can be challenging. Camera settings also play a crucial role in your style or the style that the client wants. It also depends on the purpose of the shooting. Our expert event photographers know the best camera setting for your event. We see the camera’s adjustment on manual mode, exposure mode, focus mode, image format, white balance and much more settings. We keep in mind several things and control them to get an excellent photograph during indoor photography.

Managing Client’s Expectations and Needs

The fundamental skill of all professional event photographers is fulfilling client’s expectations & needs. We communicate with our team and clients to understand the event’s nature, the most critical moments, the kinds of images they want, and many more things. Speaking to the client, ensure that the client is well aware of the photo session’s limits.

Shot List To Capture Those Key Photos

Nothing is worse than not capturing a bad photograph that does not meet the client’s expectations! Discussing to shot listing the images you want to capture helps us organize things better during a shoot. We understand the client’s expectations and know what to provide. The short-list also acts as paper proof and ensures that no critical images are missing.

Watch Out for Candid Opportunities

The formal shots are necessary for corporate, birthday, wedding, and much more events. But we never forget about candid moments, which can lead to equally beautiful photos. Our candid event photography truly expresses the personality and vibrancy that are reflected in the images. Our clients will happy to see the photos and keep the candid photographs cherish forever.

Pre-Event Photos

Pre-event photography means photographing the venue, table settings, and other beautiful details before the guests arrive. Capturing the room’s shots before the guest’s arrival is essential as it is a great way to depict the unfolding event stories. Clients even don’t think about it but appreciate the snap of the setting they spent so much time and money. We know this; hence remain punctual in arriving early at your event venue to capture the things.

Aware of the surroundings and look for a unique moment.

There are reasons why experience is so crucial for event photography. We appreciate it, and our team can feel for what is going on and anticipate what will be happening ahead. We know awareness is so important in every event photography. We are looking around and trying to figure out the best moments and when the next picture-perfect moment will appear.

We never settle for stiff shots! The more comfortable you remain, the more comfortable your event photography will be. Next time you organize an event to photograph or have any questions or comments, please contact RAINSTAR Photography at +65 9191-6255! We have experienced and professional event photographers who capture every event with utmost passion and creativity. We know how to capture every meaningful moment and craft them into fascinating memories to cherish for long.

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