Ever since we Rainstar Photography picked our cameras, we have made us pros to offer the best of Singapore sports photography. However, this professionalism and expertise did not come in a day. Though we have years of experience, we are still trying to work hard to make ourselves perfect so that you can have the best of sports photography. Let us explain what we do before and during a sports photography session, making us the best sports photographers in Singapore.

Singapore Sports Photography

Have inspiration

We look at our old works and works of other pros to have the inspiration to click the best of sports photography before a session. We do not feel that looking for inspiration is to copy someone. On the other hand, we think that we can learn what other professionals think about when capturing a sports event and what we can do to improve the photographic quality in every aspect. We try to find means to excel and surpass others while having a look at their sports photographs.

Understand our cameras

Sports photographer is quite unlike other forms of photography. It involves clicking pictures of fast-moving subjects so that it reflects the artistry that our clients intend to have. We need to understand our cameras best when capturing runners, cyclists, or events in motorsport. Our close observation and understanding of the camera have made us masters in deciding when to change the lens and what aperture and speed to set to have a perfect capture.

Understand the sports

We try to have a complete comprehension of the sports before we go out for a photographic shoot. Our research regarding the sports helps us to understand in a better manner the move of the subject, secondly guess them, and discover exactly when we need to hit that shutter button to get the best results. The understanding allows us to capture more rational and precise sports photographs, especially when working one on one with a particular athlete.

Use photographic gear as required

We do not feel that there is a need to carry big telephoto lenses for being a sports photographer. We think that we need to use gears effectively rather than to show that we have expensive equipment. We feel that it is possible to capture the best road cycling, mountain biking, running, or triathlon events using a 17-40mm lens.

Singapore Sports Photography Service

Use innovative techniques to capture the best sports photos. We think and plan our way while we try to capture the best of Singapore sports photography. Sometimes we use off-camera flash and often work with the subject before a photo shoot. We think discussing with our subject before the session allows us to know the athlete’s personality and understand the probable moves. Our innovative ways help us to make our sports photographs creative and lively.

We also plan our angles and position before a session to either face any hindrance from the weather or subject during the actual shoot.

If you desire that the sports photography you have from us will tell a story, you can be confident we are the best photographic storyteller in Singapore.

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