You have created an awesome experience for your guests – the lights, the sounds, the ambience, everything is just perfect. Now all you need is to help your guests capture these memories! That is exactly what we do with our services in Singapore instant photography!

If you are not looking for instant photo booth services due to certain constraints in your event executions, fret not, as your guests can still enjoy instant photo printouts with our instant photography services in Singapore. Our photographers will be covering the event, with photos streaming out to our instant photo printing station at the same time! Your guests will get a printout of all their photos instantly within minutes.

Our instant photo printing services will certainly leave a physically loving memory of your event in your guests’ hearts and homes. This service is greatly recommended for birthdays, corporate events, dinner and dance parties, etc.

Rainstar Photography can add a fun dimension to your event with state-of-the-art solutions for Singapore instant photography. We provide high-end services including a range of photo booth props and skilled photographers on location. Whether it’s a sophisticated wedding venue or a fun birthday party, our instant photography services in Singapore are a novel way to augment the guests’ experience.

We offer full-fledged instant photography support for your event. With our skilled photographers and photography service, we ensure that your guests can get the perfect snap every time. What’s more? You can print instant photos with customizable captions, logos, and designs.

With our Singapore instant photography, we can capture your every precious moment, edit it, and share it instantly with you. Our instant photography service is designed with utmost precision to complement the ambience of your event and the venue to create memories to relish for life.

Live Moments with Rainstar’s Instant Print

Social gatherings, corporate events, and weddings make up a big part of our life and are often the highlight of our week. Too often we attend these events and leave with nothing more than a faded memory. This is where we come into the picture with our fantastic instant photography services, turning your amazing events into high-quality photos that you can keep and cherish forever.

Our experienced photographers will encapsulate every perfect moment into prints. Every laughter, tear, and moment will be captured to provide you with a ‘live’ photography solution. We make the subject pop against a vibrant, glowing background. At Rainstar, we will make you look your best in any situation as our highest priority. Our professionals believe that people treasure the memories they look best in, even more, this is why we strive to capture your finest moments at all times.

An Easy Choice For Your Corporate Events

Rainstar Photography is the most versatile instant photography service in the industry, with Rainstar photographers approaching your guests, this is the most effortless way for your guests to receive an instant photo print. Thus, making us the most favourable option for formal corporate events.

And not only for corporate events, but our Singapore instant photography is also suitable for:

  • Birthday party
  • Exhibition
  • Product launch
  • Weddings
  • Sports events, etc.

To book our Singapore instant photography service, make sure you book us five days beforehand. To know about our hourly chargers and minimum time limit, please give us a call at +65 91916255.

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