The role of a professional events photography service is very crucial. Your event photography service has the power to make or break your event.

You probably put so much work into sourcing your presenters, designing your space, and organizing everything down to the last tiny detail! You want to be able to trust that professional events photography services will be able to appropriately document your event.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case! Event photography is such an industry that’s rapidly filling with fly-by-night amateurs masked as professionals. you need to ask and make sure you don’t make an embarrassing mistake.

So how do you select the right events photography service for your event in Singapore? Here are the kinds of things.

Know your event budget

You do so many investments for your event! Set aside funds for each component of your event, such as the venue rental, audio-visual equipment, and an event photographer. It is always good to do some research and make a provision for events photography service.

Look at recent photography albums – not just portfolios

Your photos will be appearing everywhere! It may be on your website, in your emails to clients, and around your worksite. Check the reputation of the event photographer you select.

Request to examine sample collections of work that showcase favorable perspectives. Are the testimonials and reviews published real? Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to fake and steal testimonials from other photographers’ websites!

This is not done by amateur event photography companies. They won’t put the time and effort into ensuring that both candid and posed photos are the best representation of the day! They’ll just point, snap and walk away.

What real event photography experience do they have?

After you have selected a few photographers, request some client references. Call and ask past clients and observe what they thought of the service and images provided.

Select an event photography company that puts time and effort into ensuring that they’re there ahead of time to get the whole picture.

Is shooting an event cover all?

Imagine that you’ve poured time, effort, and money into setting up your venue to be perfect. The tables are set, the centerpieces are in position, and the perimeters are beautifully decorated with your company’s banners. It looks beautiful. But unfortunately, no one’s going to see it after the event day.

Many event photography amateurs will arrive late and may not capture the vibe ahead of time. Your hard work will be lost forever, and you won’t be able to represent it on your website or your mailouts. So think about an event photography service that can do everything.

Does the photographer know what to look for?

You flick through the photos you’ve been sent. Everyone looks happy, the venue looks great, and the speakers are engaging!! But where’s your branding? That expensive, time-consuming, all-important thing you do are useless if your brand has not been represented at all!

It happens due to a lack of experience, poor planning, and an average understanding of what event photography is all about. We are not event photographers to capture people having a good time. We keep the focus on an important aspect of the event. We make sure that the photos we take embrace your branding. Later on, you can use the shots to your advantage commercially.

Events Photography Services

Do they know how to avoid awkward objects?

Your event venue has several elements, or it can be a multi-purpose event venue. Choose an event photographer who knows what they’re doing and who knows how to set up properly. We avoid unfortunate ugly spots and those spots that you don’t want to see. We do the pre-plan and carefully construct it to only focus on what you want to see.

We at RAINSTAR Photography are a well-known and well-experienced event photography service provider in Singapore who understands every aspect of the event. For more information visit

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